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Rails Internals

Rails Internals

Structure and internals of Ruby on Rails. Learn how to peek under the covers of your framework.

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Understanding the Structure of Rails

Before digging into Rails' own code, it's important to know how the library is structured. The Rails gem has a number of sub-gems that you should know by name…

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Where Do I Put My Code in Rails?

Rails is an MVC framework, but not every piece of code is a model, a view or a controller. What kind of code goes in what directories? What types of objects hold each one?

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How Does Rack Parse Query Params?

You may know that Rails will parse your query parameters for you - including parameter names like a[] which can automatically create arrays. How does Rails do that? Where does the code live?

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Understanding HashWithIndifferentAccess

Rails' params object is a little unusual. You can say param[:foo] or params['foo'] and both work. How does it do that?

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