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Coding Studies

This topic is about coding studies: a specific coding practice exercise. First you'll learn how to do them, then see some coding studies in action.

Rails Internals

Structure and internals of Ruby on Rails. Learn how to peek under the covers of your framework.

Rebuilding Rails

This topic will help you work through Rebuilding Rails, and remind you to keep at it!

Ruby Mad Science

This site is a Rails app, with a series of articles about how it was written.

Ruby Memory

The CRuby interpreter manages its memory in a complex and interesting way. Knowing about it can help you optimise your Ruby programs and also just generally understand what's going on.

Ruby Benchmarking and Performance

Want to understand the ins and outs of the Ruby interpreter's performance? Here are a series of articles explaining relevant parts of the interpreter and how you can optimise them. These are very ground-level, with a strong emphasis on the details of current Ruby specifically.

Software Practice

Writing software is a practical, experience-based skill like playing tennis, riding a bike or playing music. You get better by practicing. Like those other skills, it matters how you practice. This topic is all about how to practice and improve at writing software.